Smart tasting Prototype

Think Big Factory has developed the Smart Tasting prototype together with the Basque Culinary Center and Fagor Electrodomésticos. The prototype integrates the Internet of Things concept into the tasting experience, mixing food with technology.

Emerging technologies allow physical environment, objects, products and spaces to be embedded with information. Information that we now see through computers, smartphones or tablets, is going to be everywhere: in the street, within clothes, in every product or object that we purchase. Objects and spaces are going to share information between themselves and with users or customers. Real time, customised and on-demand information that customers will be able to interact with.


smart tasting prototype

The main objective of the prototype is to connect tasting and cooking processes, improving and augmenting the experience. The prototype projects personalised information about the course that clients taste. On the other side, cooks are connected with the tasting experience with a real time projection of the table. Objects like plates, glasses, cutlery etc. become interfaces to interact with the information.




Collaborators: Carmelo Rodriguez (PKMN), Gorka Cortazar (Tecné Collective), Cristina Rodriguez Tecné Collective), Carlos Badiola (Tecné Collective), Rodrigo Arcaya (Tecné Collective).

Creative Commons License
Smart Tasting by Ion Cuervas-Mons, Think Big Factory, Basque Culinary Center and Fagor Electrodomesticos is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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